The multi cuisine restaurant ‘Monsoon’ at the hotel operates 24×7 to serve delicacies from around the world. The spacious restaurant at the ground floor is managed by adept culinary team which will leave you speechless with their expertise and mouth-watering recipes.

Located on the second floor, ‘Xian’ is a specialty restaurant which brings the aromatic oriental cuisine to your palates. Delicacies like sushi, dim sum, chop sueyetc will leave you wanting for more. Xian is the one stop solution for the guests who are in the lookout for a wholesome foodie experience along the Asian routes.

The ambience as well as the interior will surely enhance your emotional state. By blending the hot and cold to the same shot, we enchant your soul to the realm of peace.

It’s an iconic place for socialization. The magnifying interiors and the alluring ambience takes you to another realm of contentment.